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Latest Tweet. "and I give you... Juice Cubes the extended trailer! Oh yes, it's very special with some mighty fine Music & Sound..."

Music Composition

Bespoke music scores for every project, within every budget, on time and always beyond expectation! We compose music to your brief for syncing perfectly to your project to help create the perfect atmosphere.

Music Composition

Sound Design

World class Sound Design will bring any project screaming to life; at Forte Sounds that’s what we do. Creating, Manipulating & Recording the finest audio to sync to your project, producing cutting edge Sound Effects plus much more.

Sound Design For Games

Voice Over Recording

Our picture perfect location in the heart of stunning Cornwall makes us perfectly placed to offer an awe inspiring studio to produce, write & record in.

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Forte Sounds, Music Composition & Sound Design studios for Games, TV, Adverts & all media.

Forte Sounds is a bespoke & world class provider of Music Composition, Music Production, Sound Design, Foley, Audio Editing, Audio Production, Voice-Over, ADR & all related post production work. Operating out of two state of the art recording & audio post-production studios and with over a decade of experience.

Forte Sounds has served numerous media & music productions with the finest quality services always on time & in budget, including AAA Console Games, Indie mobile & browser productions, Television, Films, Adverts, Corporate films, animation sounding, radio commercials, audio books, e-books, software and more.

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Featured Game Composition Project.

Music Compositio For the Teaser Trailer of Warfare Afghanistan by Pivotal Games. Sound Design & Composition Completed by Forte Sounds Ltd.

Forte Sounds Ltd Professional & Affordable Music Production, Composition, Sound Design, Foley & V/O Recording for Games, TV, Apps, Adverts & all media.

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